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The Full Body Fat Burning Exercises Program: "The ONLY Step-by-Step Exercises Based On Years of Perfecting...That Work For Everyone!

...Keep Reading if You're Sick And Tired of Not Losing Weight (or Can't Keep It Off)

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
After Finally Getting Confident and Getting Rapid Results For Countless Women in my fitness classes...I Suffered an Injury…
...That Required Surgery

I spent time learning, and building...

And I got GREAT at helping people get results !

But this injury sidelined me and I felt like my progress had been sidelined as well. But Late One Night, While Wallowing In My Pity Party of 1, I Decided I Couldn’t Just Sit Around Anymore: 

I’m Going To Find A Way.

So I turned to the internet to find solutions for returning to exercise after an injury or having not worked out in a while. I discovered all the exercises and movements that were recommended were already what I had my members doing, but there were a few tweaks that I had to make...

Over The Next 3 Years I Taught Over 1000+ LIVE Classes, Worked with over 200+ people, and PERFECTED The "Full Body Fat Burning Exercises"

...Every time I had new members, I had them start with these simple exercises and then build on from there!

And I'd watch as their progress would explode!

If You Are Here Right Now, Then You Can Kickstart Your Health And Fitness Journey In As Little As 7 Days, even if...
  • You Believe You Don't Have Time To Workout 
  • ​You Don't Know Where To Begin
  • ​You Don't Want to Give Working Out Another Chance 

And here's the best part... the part I want you to experience as well...

If you have not worked out in a while or want to start feeling better, or find simple exercises to incorporate in your daily schedule this is designed just for you.

In the past I only taught people these in $400 programs but today I wanted to make you a VERY SPECIAL OFFER and give you the entire exercises to burn fat...

For Only $7.00

Yes... for about the price of a Venti coffee, you can get access to a list of exercises that took me years of teaching and seeing results to narrow down...

That after you begin to consistently implement, will give you the start you need to exceed your health and fitness goals.


Kickstart Your Health And Fitness Journey In As Little As 7 Days...With No Experience Needed! 

No more wasting time trying out different workouts that never seem to work! Get this guide now so you can finally start seeing results in your body today!

Upper Body
Guide is broken down into 3 sections with 5 exercises each. Upper body focuses on activating your chest, back, arms and shoulders
Lower Body
Lower body exercises are focused on your glutes (booty), calves, and quads (thighs)
Abs & Core
Round up your full body workout with core centric movements that target your upper and lower abdominals

Join Countless Empowered Women Experiencing The Ultimate Fitness Transformation Shortcut 

This is the most comprehensive and effective guide on how to lose weight, burn fat, and tone up without any experience. It's perfect for beginners who want to get started with their health journey or those who have been struggling with it for years.

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00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
The LAST Course You'll Ever Need on Funnel Design & Conversions

Here's why: Check out some of the videos inside the Fulltime Funnel Designer course! These could be yours in just a few clicks!

Here's What You Get...

15 Full Body Fat Burning Exercises 

  • This PDF Will Teach You Exercises That Will Allow You To Begin to Work Towards The Results You Are Looking For ANYWHERE. We have women in multiple life stages who are using this SAME PDF to Kickstart Their Health And Fitness Journeys from Anywhere! They use it to Boost Their Energy, Reset Their Workouts, ​Build Upper Body Strength, ​​Increase Blood Flow, ​​ Build Cardiovascular Health, ​Improve Their Health...​and much more!

($197 Value)

FREE BONUS #1: Daily Activity Tracker 

  • You will love this Daily Activity Tracker with directions to help you win the day! This first bonus will help you measure and manage your fitness journey. This toolkit includes Review sections, meal and hydration trackers as well as an evening reflection section to ensure you take the wins from that day into the next. 
  • Others have paid over $197 for JUST THIS ONE TOOLKIT, but you'll be getting it FREE when you order the Full Body Fat Burning Exercises today!

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FREE BONUS #2: Positive Affirmations Worksheets

  • This worksheet makes it simple for you to Empower and Motivate yourself so you're able to have a competitive advantage on tough days and still reach your goals when you face roadblocks.
  • Get This For FREE When You Order "The Full Body Fat Burning Exercises" Today! 

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FREE BONUS #3: Habit Tracker: Quick Way to Sustain Results

  • This Worksheet helps you to build better habits which serves as motivation to keep pushing forward so you can stop wasting time and effort quitting a behavior only to return back to the behavior in a week.
  • Get This For FREE When You Order 'Full Body Fat Burning Exercises' Today! 

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FREE BONUS #4: Grocery Shopping List (How To Minimize Impulse Food Shopping)

  • This List makes it easy to helps you stay on track with your nutrition plan which enables you to minimize food impulse buys that do not fuel your body and saves time and helps you navigate through the noise of the grocery store isles .
  • Get This For FREE When You Order "The Full Body Fat Burning Exercises" Today! 

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FREE BONUS #5: Framework to Breakthrough Stubborn Diet Plateaus 

  • How To Jumpstart Your Weight Loss Again. This ebook is the secret to understand why you have hit a weight loss plateau...find eating changes you can make and finally start losing weight again and feel confident, fit, and free.
  • Get This For FREE When You Order "The Full Body Fat Burning Exercises" Today! 

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FREE BONUS #6: Simple Steps That Instantly Boost Exercise Motivation

  • This ebook helps you find the motivation to exercise and it is easy to implement. Finding the motivation to exercise is sometimes challenging. It can be tempting to loll around on the couch instead of climbing onto the treadmill. Try these three easy secrets that will get you moving..
  • Get This For FREE When You Order "The Full Body Fat Burning Exercises" Today! 

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FREE BONUS #7: Foolproof Plan for Achieving Healthy Weight Loss

  • How To Minimize Impulse Food Shopping Whether you are recovering from long-term unhealthy eating habits or you just want to shed a few unwanted pounds and achieve healthy weight loss that you can maintain for a long time? Then this is the guide for you.
  • Get This For FREE When You Order "The Full Body Fat Burning Exercises" Today! 

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